4 thoughts on “Wensleydale

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  2. Hi, i think these photographs are stunning, especially the waterfall images. I enjoy photography myself but im still learning, I was wondering whether you could prehps email me some tips on how you take photos of moving water like that! i use a Canon 1000D Thank a lot!

  3. Hi,

    My honest en deep respect for getting such good pics. My GF came here because of pics like these and especially those made by Joe Cornish. We first were 7 days in the Scottosh Highlands. After every small mountain ridge another, wild landscape! I am really greatlyu dissapointed by the Lake District and the Dales. we are in Hawkshead now and went to Northallerton, to Cornish gallery, right through the Dales. I do not see any real variation in the landscape.. You are constantly confronted with a very cultivated landscape, grey walls to keep the cattle in are endless. Of course beautiful if you like it, but I dislike it. Even my GF, who has another preference (I like coniferous forests a lot she not nearly so much) went to sleep and did not want to look out of the carwindow anymore…

    Looking at your pics, I find new inspiration and will try to find those places and see what I can do with my cameragear of course!
    Who knows!

    Hope I can get similar shots like you.

    Kind regards,


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