Mark Butler (c) Jim RoundMy name is Mark Butler, and I have been a keen photographer for as long as I can remember, drawing inspiration from the natural world around me. Having moved to Skipton in 2002 my work is now focussed on trying to capture the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales landscape, inspired by the work of artists such as Joe Cornish, David Noton and Charlie Waite.

I take photographs for the satisfaction of “seeing” a potential image in the landscape, searching around an area for the best viewpoint, arranging the elements within the camera viewfinder and capturing the moment that best expresses the vision I “saw”. An image works for me when others can view the print and experience the same beauty and wonder I experienced without having to be there. That said, I hope that my images will inspire viewers to explore the Yorkshire Dales and realise that you don’t have to travel the world to see spectacular scenery as there is plenty here on our doorstep.