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Off the beaten track logoWell I talk the talk in supporting the 3 Peaks Project, so on 21 September 2011, it was time to walk the walk.

Friends of the Three Peaks were asked to complete Three Peaks related sponsored activities (without putting more pressure on the area itself), to raise money for the Three Peaks project. I chose to walk “not the Three Peaks” – in this case, Buckden Pike, Little Whernside and Greater Whernside – 25 miles, which was just slightly longer than the usual Three Peaks walk.

When a press article was featured in Grough (an online outdoor news site), I was committed. Shame I chose the wrong day to do it on!

The easy stretch from Kettlewell to Buckden along the river was fine (if a bit dreary), the high winds on Buckden Pike slowed me down a little, but a brief sunny spell coming down to Walden Head lifted my spirits. However, after lunch the rain started and stayed with me for most of the rest of the day. The wind also became stronger and going over Fleensop Moor I started to wonder whether what I was doing was really very sensible! Still, I pushed on down into Braidley and up the side of “Dead Man’s Hill” (what an encouraging name that was!). The walk from there for the next 4 miles to the summit of Great Whernside was one I was very glad to finish! Walking into a gale force wind, with the rain lashing down and peat bog underfoot was not my idea of fun! Still I made it in the end, and with only one blister to show for it!

Thanks to everyone who helped me to raise £283 for the Three Peaks Project and I look forwards to next year’s challenge (which I might plan a bit better this time!).

Some images of me on the walk are on the Yorkshire Dales National Park Facebook page.

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